Thursday, 15 May 2008


On Monday June 2 will begin the trial of former Commander of the Intelligence Service of the National Gendarmerie, Victor Enrique Rei, responsible for the appropriation of the son of Liliana Fontana and Pedro Sandoval. It will take place in the TOF No. 6 Comodoro Py (Capital Federal).

Victor E. Rei was one of the soldiers trained by the United States Armed Forces at Fort Gulick in Panama, where he learned the strategies of torture, clandestine repression and disappearances, applied in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

also participated in the Operational Independence in Tucuman in 1975, also was active in the intelligence task force that carried out the illegal repression during the military dictatorship (acknowledged by him in the Trial of the Juntas in 1985).

He served in Clandestine Detention Center worked in Jail Encausados ​​Campo de Mayo.
After waiting 30 years with the constant pain of absence and the search for truth and justice, it must follow, which surely is: The trial and condemnation of this repressor, murderer and thief children.

At this point it is imperative that the partners of the popular stop viewing each trial as an individual case. Let's look at each sentence, the conviction of all murderers, in each case and reaffirm our collective commitment to all the comrades dead or missing, which remain the flame of hope and the call for true justice.

See you in Comodoro Py Monday June 2 at 10 Hs 30 000 PARTNERS PRESENT Disappeared!

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