Sunday, 18 May 2008


Statement by the
disappearance of Jorge Julio Lopez impunity twenty months

to twenty months of the kidnapping of Jorge Julio Lopez we have a judicial inquiry virtual standstill. Arnaldo Corazza The judge has not made ​​any procedural activity since the Federal Court of Appeals ordered - after months of insistence of the complainant - to set aside the Buenos Aires police investigation. You have not used any of the powers the new classification of cause and forced disappearance of people, grants, including unrestricted access to databases information, wiretaps and searches. We still do not know where the officers mentioned by Lopez in his statement, including Julius Caesar Garachico. It has not prosecuted anyone for the results of the searches in Marcos Paz, who demonstrated the privileges enjoyed by the repressors. The Federal Court of Appeals for the Buenos Aires Police withdrew from the investigation, but its foundations intend to install the idea that force obstructed the cause for awkwardness, not complicity. Thus, the decision considers the dog Kintin failure as head of research and order omits any action against the police chiefs who have been in charge. Judges Duran and Di Donato, linked to the force refused to withdraw the case, The prosecutor Sergio Franco, who always tried to justify their inactivity in the absence of material and human resources, today ran out of excuses and his attorney received two nominations exclusively to the cause L√≥pez. However, three months after being appointed, the two people have not even read completely because the cause assigned tasks outside the process. Governor Daniel Scioli promised on February 18 this year to provide an immediate response to the request of Justice Now! which required that once and for all bring to justice the list of officers who served between 1976-1983, to take action on private security agencies, many owned and refuge of repressive and investigated in the case and to lie down to police chiefs who have been in charge of the investigation. To date, still no answers. The Executive Branch remains uninvolved in the case as if it would be someone else's problem, took no action against those responsible for gross irregularities committed by the National Prisons Service, the intelligence services or Federal Police. Moreover, the judge decided it Corazza Federal Police, by Anibal Fernandez, who further investigation. So far, their activity was zero. Meanwhile, in another clear message of genocide, Juan Puthod was kidnapped and released. Judges and prosecutors are declared incompetent in his cause, the perpetrators remain anonymous and the police responsible for their safety only deal with him know that you do not. We say today, as we always: Impunity only generates impunity. APPEARANCE WITH LIFE YA of Jorge Julio Lopez TRIAL AND PUNISHMENT TO THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR ITS were kidnapped 30 000 PARTNERS DISAPPEARED THIS! Justice NOW! La Plata

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