Monday, 19 May 2008

Although not always agree with his methods ...

Ms. copy it here, the open letter he wrote to D'Elia Chacho Alvarez. Admittedly, Mrs., man thinks and not bad, I say. Open letter to Carlos "Chacho" Alvarez By Luis D'Elia LA SLAUGHTER, BUENOS AIRES (Paco Agency Urondo) The Condor and the Washington Consensus, or state terror and restricted democracies, we were left in its wake more immediate fear, which I think is the worst enemy of the human soul. .. ... fear led to egoism with all its nuances: consumerism, hedonism, individualism, absolute loss of sense of community at all levels, skepticism, authoritarianism, xenophobia, or deep cultural defeat, in my opinion, the most serious of all defeats, more than as a people suffer economically, politically and socially. One of the great medicine "this evil spirit" of the middle class was culturally progressive streams, whose highest political expression of it was mentor and teacher Carlos "Chacho" Alvarez. This means that to address the crisis of the middle class is necessary not to confront them, "surfing" on the track and build the consensus required to produce a potential political agenda of transformation. The figures indicate target of progressivism languid, measured, not "make waves", not to propose any alternative to defeat, they are limited to fulfill the commandment that says "thou shalt not steal tools built Politically, regardless of their present with the head Eduardo Sigal, with a deep sense authoritative, as was the Frente Grande, the Frepaso, the Alliance, which despised the popular participation, candidate lists are arming a finger, and if there ever was elections, was because we went to Matanzas justice and got a resounding victory in this regard. Alvarez resigned before the catastrophe, Cavallo was finished asking the chief of staff of De la Rua, boasting that every day felt more neoliberal, is knelt down to not be at the sole hegemonic thinking in those days. I agree with Alvarez that we should not give the middle class to a conservative project, however, suggest the debate is whether these middle classes (professionals, farmers, formal workers, traders, etc.). they are short these days, avoiding talk about the move contrary to the interests of national majorities and popular of these are objectively middle part, though often identify the sectors dominating. It is true that leave a part of the middle and petty bourgeoisie in the hands of the oligarchy is a mistake can be costly, as these end up being the social basis of the destabilization of governments elected overwhelmingly by the people. That definition of the middle class need to be resolved if we are aware of the historical conflict between the interests of the oligarchy and the town whore, which sectors are part means. Progressivism Argentina went along with de la Rúa helicopter. Today Álvarez surprises us all and especially to Kirchner unfair opportunism and eclectic. Reappears in the hand of the Clarín group that promotes it suspiciously, harassing popular nationalism, bash Jauretche and making rash statements that have a strong sense of disdain when he says "can not summon leaders to whom the blackness is not recognized "in obvious allusion to me. Álvarez, the first time you could do a rally in the suburbs in 1997, was in La Matanza my hand, who was his first council candidate for that district in the first place where we get 237 000 votes and tied at pierrismo. Nor do I think that anyone who has left the Alliance ship without taking as reference the challenge of the time, is best placed in doubt the reference Moyano Companion epic. Today our Latin brunette , Indo-Afro-Latin American has found other medications heartbreak of our middle classes, where in fact the conservative alternative to the neoliberal model do not arise from the dogmatists of the left hand but from the collective memory of peoples, where the experience of popular revolutionary nationalism has deepened and has given us by sections of the story moments of hope, where once we were happy. Cautemoc Cárdenas in Mexico, Getulio Vargas in Brazil and Peron in Argentina are the manifestation of collective memory strong. Today, Chavez, Evo, Kirchner, Ortega, Lugo, Lula, Tabaré, Correa, nuances, differences, contradictions and impurities (for not to freak out the lunatics Ernesto Tenembaun) express Latin American integration, autonomy in making decisions about the rule (Mar del Plata, FTAA is the highest expression of this statement), the South Bank and the petition of Rafael Correa to repatriate national reserves are now at 1.5% or 2% annually in the Federal Reserve of the United States of America. The oil revenues, gas was reinvested in the countries of the region, we go dreaming common structures of national defense, forgetting forever the possibility of conflict created by the empire to fracture our countries. Being able to put a stop to Plan Colombia, Uribe-Bush from the OAS is an expression of how much we can do if we recover the dreams of the founding fathers who were defeated by the empire and the oligarchy minions and accomplices. Bolivar died in exile in Santa Marta, convinced that he had plowed the sea. Sucre was assassinated. San Martin went into exile to avoid being imprisoned or shot by the authorities in Buenos Aires. It just might be back in 1829 at the behest of Manuel Dorrego (barbarism), who was shot by Lavalle (civilization). He died in exile. Two and a half years to meet two hundred years of history, not sparing confront the cultural loss of the middle to make them reflect, so they can rediscover themselves, so they can return to being part of a common identity . Only thus can we avoid falling into conservative hands, offering the best of our identity bicentennial. We went back to listen to the voices of Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz, Arturo Jauretche, Juan José Hernández Arregui, John William Cooke who despises both underestimated and Carlos "Chacho" Alvarez. To avoid falling into the trap again, the alternative iron Beretta liberalism or nationalism is popular, federal and revolutionary.

Sunday, 18 May 2008


Statement by the
disappearance of Jorge Julio Lopez impunity twenty months

to twenty months of the kidnapping of Jorge Julio Lopez we have a judicial inquiry virtual standstill. Arnaldo Corazza The judge has not made ​​any procedural activity since the Federal Court of Appeals ordered - after months of insistence of the complainant - to set aside the Buenos Aires police investigation. You have not used any of the powers the new classification of cause and forced disappearance of people, grants, including unrestricted access to databases information, wiretaps and searches. We still do not know where the officers mentioned by Lopez in his statement, including Julius Caesar Garachico. It has not prosecuted anyone for the results of the searches in Marcos Paz, who demonstrated the privileges enjoyed by the repressors. The Federal Court of Appeals for the Buenos Aires Police withdrew from the investigation, but its foundations intend to install the idea that force obstructed the cause for awkwardness, not complicity. Thus, the decision considers the dog Kintin failure as head of research and order omits any action against the police chiefs who have been in charge. Judges Duran and Di Donato, linked to the force refused to withdraw the case, The prosecutor Sergio Franco, who always tried to justify their inactivity in the absence of material and human resources, today ran out of excuses and his attorney received two nominations exclusively to the cause López. However, three months after being appointed, the two people have not even read completely because the cause assigned tasks outside the process. Governor Daniel Scioli promised on February 18 this year to provide an immediate response to the request of Justice Now! which required that once and for all bring to justice the list of officers who served between 1976-1983, to take action on private security agencies, many owned and refuge of repressive and investigated in the case and to lie down to police chiefs who have been in charge of the investigation. To date, still no answers. The Executive Branch remains uninvolved in the case as if it would be someone else's problem, took no action against those responsible for gross irregularities committed by the National Prisons Service, the intelligence services or Federal Police. Moreover, the judge decided it Corazza Federal Police, by Anibal Fernandez, who further investigation. So far, their activity was zero. Meanwhile, in another clear message of genocide, Juan Puthod was kidnapped and released. Judges and prosecutors are declared incompetent in his cause, the perpetrators remain anonymous and the police responsible for their safety only deal with him know that you do not. We say today, as we always: Impunity only generates impunity. APPEARANCE WITH LIFE YA of Jorge Julio Lopez TRIAL AND PUNISHMENT TO THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR ITS were kidnapped 30 000 PARTNERS DISAPPEARED THIS! Justice NOW! La Plata

Thursday, 15 May 2008


On Monday June 2 will begin the trial of former Commander of the Intelligence Service of the National Gendarmerie, Victor Enrique Rei, responsible for the appropriation of the son of Liliana Fontana and Pedro Sandoval. It will take place in the TOF No. 6 Comodoro Py (Capital Federal).

Victor E. Rei was one of the soldiers trained by the United States Armed Forces at Fort Gulick in Panama, where he learned the strategies of torture, clandestine repression and disappearances, applied in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

also participated in the Operational Independence in Tucuman in 1975, also was active in the intelligence task force that carried out the illegal repression during the military dictatorship (acknowledged by him in the Trial of the Juntas in 1985).

He served in Clandestine Detention Center worked in Jail Encausados ​​Campo de Mayo.
After waiting 30 years with the constant pain of absence and the search for truth and justice, it must follow, which surely is: The trial and condemnation of this repressor, murderer and thief children.

At this point it is imperative that the partners of the popular stop viewing each trial as an individual case. Let's look at each sentence, the conviction of all murderers, in each case and reaffirm our collective commitment to all the comrades dead or missing, which remain the flame of hope and the call for true justice.

See you in Comodoro Py Monday June 2 at 10 Hs 30 000 PARTNERS PRESENT Disappeared!